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Carine Jocelyn

Carine Jocelyn is a non-profit executive and leader with more than 25 years of experience working in human services as an accomplished administrator, trainer, and program officer. She has an extensive background working with diverse populations, having served as an advisor, executive coach, and consultant to various health, education, youth, and social service agencies. Areas of expertise include non-profit management, program implementation, /budget development, training, fundraising, quality assurance, and board development.

Carine Jocelyn | Portrait Photo | Founder of The Haitian Women's Collective organization

Currently the Chief Executive Officer of Diaspora Community Services in Brooklyn, New York, (formerly known as the Haitian Women’s Program), Ms. Jocelyn has over 12 years of experience working in Haiti. In 2007, she established a community health center in Port au Prince which continues to be locally operated. Further in 2014, she was hired as the Executive Director of Profamil, the leading provider of family planning and sexual and reproductive Health in Haiti. She was the second woman to hold that position in the organization’s 30-year history. 

In 2017, to continue her commitment to human rights, social justice, and to Women’s empowerment, she founded The Haitian Women’s Collective with a group of dynamic women. 

 Carine continues to give of her time by being the board chair of the Haiti Adolescent Girls Network, known for their internationally recognized model of safe spaces for girls.

Carine Jocelyn | Portrait Photo | Founder of The Haitian Women's Collective organization
Carine is committed to human rights, social justice, and Women’s empowerment, she is the founder of The Haitian Women’s Collective, a group of dynamic women dedicated to improving the lives of the Haitian people.

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