Convening of Haitian Women Leaders Event

Two months ago in New York City we invited ...

Haitian women leaders for 2 days of networking, sharing strategies and sisterhood. We had no idea how amazing it would be to come together and celebrate each woman, our individual achievements, experiences and also use the opportunity to learn more about women and girls empowerment, the Intersectionality of gender and climate, economic development, governance, and of course, philanthropy.

Day 1: "Nurturing Feminist Perspectives: Empowering Communities and Implementing Effective Collaboration"

The Convening began with an opening conversation on using a Feminist Lens in our work in communities and as a foundation for implementing programs. The women discussed the importance of self-care as activists and leaders. We also focused on the importance of effective collaboration and girls’ leadership and had a dynamic group activity. The groups held conversations related to Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR), Gender Based Violence (GBV), Funding and Governance challenges for local organizations, as well as mental health.

Highlights from the Day 1 Event

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Welcome: Carine Jocelyn, HWC Founder
Keynote Speaker and Opening Remarks: Using a Feminist Lens, Fania Noel
Presentation: We Will Not Leave Our Girls Behind – Exploring programming that works. Nadine Louis, Fondation Toya, and Divya Sooryakumar, MADRE

Group Conversations on:
Access to Sexual, Reproductive Health and Safe Abortion
Florence Jean-Louis Vorbe, Genevieve Tam of Profamil, and Vitala
Gender Based Violence (Legal and Justice Considerations)
Rosy Ducena Auguste, RNDDH and Nathalie Vilgrain, and Marijan
Mental Health
Katia Henrys
Funding Challenges for Local Organizations
Regine Polynice and Lide

The Black Women’s Blueprint, A National Model for Feminist Work by Farah Tanis

Day 2: Fostering Collaborative Solutions: Advancing Philanthropy and Grantmaking Practices in Haïti

After a day of connection and supportive sisterhood on Day 1, we began focusing on solutions and informing the Fund for Haitian Women. We discussed the need to shift philanthropy approaches and best practices for grantmaking in Haïti. Our group activities leveraged from the day before with group activities to focus on education, climate, migration, health, and governance. We continued a group activity on recommendations, which will be the foundation of a position paper we will release in 2024.

Highlights from the Day 2 Event

HWC Convening of Haitian Women Leaders - IMG_6160
HWC Convening of Haitian Women Leaders - IMG_7000
HWC Convening of Haitian Women Leaders - IMG_4181
HWC Convening of Haitian Women Leaders - IMG_4213
Opening Remarks: Sisterhood and SelfCare -Marie Marthe Saint Cyr, HWC Fund Advisor
Shifting Power – The Fund for Haitian Women, Sharma Aurelien, HWC Consultant, Carine Jocelyn and Regine Polynice
Presentation: Climate Change and Gender – Diana Duarte, MADRE

Presentation: A Conversation – What’s Next for Haiti? -Emmanuela Douyon of Policite’


Using a gender lens, what are three (3) recommendations you want to make to improve these categories if you were given funds to address a priority?
Group 1: Education – Georgie Pierre, HWC Special Projects Assistant
Group 2: Health – Pascale Solages, Neges Mawon
Group 3: Economic Development – Marie Yolaine Toms, Community 2 Community
Group 4: Environment, Climate, Migration – Sharma Aurelien
Group 5: Diaspora involvement and NGO’s interventions -Marie Josee Montrose, HDRG
Group 6: Governance of Organizations: Their Capacity Building Needs – Regine Polynice
Convening Group Photo
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"When you support HWC, you support women-led organizations in Haïti. From Petit Goave to St. March, Port-au-Prince, Dondon to Cayes; our members' organizations provide life-saving services."

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