Haiti Diaspora Resource Group

Marie-Jose L. Montrose is the Executive Director of the Haiti Diaspora Resource Group, an offspring of the Haitian Hometown Associations Resource Group.  She brings a unique combination of cross-functional skills including project management, marketing, and public relations, community and government affairs, training, and development. She has over ten years of experience in Diaspora work. 

In her role, Ms. Montrose collaborates with businesses, entrepreneurs, elected officials, agencies, clergy, schools, and other groups working towards strategic and sustainable economic programs in Haiti. 

An education, women’s empowerment and healthcare advocate; she is passionate about the impact of the Diaspora and its crucial financial contribution to the country’s economic development.  She looks forward to the day when the Diaspora will play an important role in public policy in Haiti.  

A graduate of  Long Island University; she is a member of Boston College Carroll School of Management for Corporate Citizenship, the American Public Health Association and the American Management Association. 

She serves on several local boards dedicated to improving people’s lives.  She has received leadership excellence awards from the US House of Representatives, the New York State Senate, the New York City Council, New York Police Department and community service awards from many other civic associations.

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